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Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Specifications

Our 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot containers include:

  • Full 270 degree opening doors
  •  Construction from solid steel components
  •  Double doors
  • Security locks on request.

ISO Shipping Container Dimensions

Shipping Container Dimensions
Typical ISO (International Standards Organization) shipping containers are produced with equal length specification in terms of outside height, outside width, and outside length. The standardization of containers and the adoption of the ISO specification is to insure that each device handlers, chassis, rail cars, and slot areas on vessels will accommodate ALL containers.
This makes our task a lot easier, due to the fact we will hopefully provide you with specific exterior specs. Interior specs may be barely different, less then 1″ variation. These ISO boxes at the moment are to be had in all predominant metropolitan regions at some stage in the nation. Shipping boxes as garage gadgets have modified the garage industry, maximum human beings decide on the ease of cellular garage vs. preferred mini garage. Container Alliance has fashioned a community of small agencies which might be acquainted together along with your needs. This manual is designed that will help you end up knowledgeable approximately box uses, not unusualplace questions and problems.