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Shipping Container Delivery Service

Containers Hire and Sales endeavor to give you the best value delivery rate possible, by using our supplier depot closest your location. We have supplier depots and hauliers situated across the USA, to avoid the costs of a long distance delivery, and save time and money wherever you may live.

Types of delivery

Storage container delivery services

Top tips for a successful delivery.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and so we’ve compiled a list of top tips with things to consider when looking at your site access or potential delivery:

What is access like? Remember our vehicles are as long as a large coach, and approximately 10ft wide. They typically like to drive into site, offload the container parallel to the side of the lorry, turn around and drive back out. If you’re not sure there’s space for a 65ft Long vehicle to turn around, let us know and provide some photos of your site, and we can take a look and let you know if we can see any issues.

Hardstanding ground only please! These vehicles, even the smaller ones, are incredibly heavy. Especially when you factor in the weight of the container too! They will not cross soft ground e.g. grass, gravel over soil, shale etc. as it’s very likely that they’ll get stuck. If they do, it will be the site’s responsibility to get them back out, so make sure the ground they have to cover is hardstanding only!

Overhead cables. If you want your container delivered into a location with overhead power lines or telephone lines directly above, you might electrocute your driver. This is definitely not an ideal outcome! Drivers will not, for obvious safety reasons, deliver a container where a power line might interrupt the reach of the hiab. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t forget the legs. Vehicles with a hiab crane extend “legs” to support the vehicle whilst they hiab off the container. These legs extend approximately 6ft out on each side, and are essential for the safe and smooth delivery of your

Types of delivery

Shared Delivery.

As standard, we price based on the idea of shared deliveries. Apart from the 40ft and 45ft (which is the maximum size an artic lorry can deliver), we try and pair up deliveries based on location and size of container to keep transport costs competitive for our customers. For example, we can fit four 10ft containers on one shared load, keeping delivery costs shared between all four deliveries.

Dedicated Delivery

If you have site concerns or access issues, or if you require delivery of your shipping container to fall within a particular time frame or on a certain date, perhaps to meet a crane on site, we might need to look at a dedicated delivery. This may be more expensive, however it means you have a better control over the times, dates and vehicle size. Our sales team would be able to guide you through the various options to ensure delivery of your shipping container goes as smoothly as possible.

Own Collection

The other option available is own collection. Where customers are able to provide their own haulage, you would be able to collect your unit from the depot. Our sales team can advise on the type of vehicle suitable for own collection.