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45ft Shipping Containers

45ft High Cube Cargo Worthy Container

  • Used for Shipping
  • Largest Cubic Capacity
  • Shows Signs of Rust and Dents

Container Sizes

  • 20 Foot Standard
  • 40 Foot Standard
  • 40 Foot High Cube
  • Reefer Container
    Length: 45′
    Width: 8′
    Height: 9′ 6″
    Length: 44′ 6″
    Width: 7′ 7″
    Height: 8′ 7″
    Width: 7′ 8″
    Height: 8′ 6″
    Tare: 10,552 lbs
    Max Gross: 71,650 lbs
    Cubic Cap: 3,040 cu. ft
    Height: 0′ 4 1/2″
    Width: 1′ 2 3 /16″
    Centres: 6′ 9 7/8″

Pictures – Reference

Please be informed that Pictures in our listings are provided for reference purposes only. Color and appearance may vary. Only the size, grade and shape of containers are guaranteed to be identical.

Cargo Worthy Shipping Container For Sale

45ft HC containers are our biggest Boxes and soak up approximately a bit extra then parking spaces . With an extra foot of height, the HC container is ideally fitted for taller items. This unit is likewise typically used to create container homes, on h sites to keep huge equipment and substances and additionally for personal garage and transport purposes.

Buy Sea Worthy Containers For Sale

The 45ft H Cube Container for sale is 9’6″ tall, as opposed to the 8’6″ height of the same old ISO shipping container. The extra publish you notice on those units is on the 40ft mark, so that they may be stacked with 40ft packing containers. The extra help makes those units a fave for our container shape and housing clients. These boxes also are a superb value for his or her size: a 45ft high cube storage container for sale will convey you 3,043 cu. ft. of secure and stable space. We regularly have 45ft high cube containers for equal cost as 40ft standard units relying on stock levels. We provide custom adjustments on all container sizes along with 45ft high cube containers.

40ft HC Cargo Worthy Shipping Container

The identify quite lots says it all. Cargo worthy means simply that. The 45ft ISO High Cube Container has been inspected and incorporates a damage-free certification. If your desires consist of cargo shipment or there’s a chance you need to transport your container in the future, we advise buying a cargo worthy 45ft ISO High Cube Container. Although this conditional class is a need to for shipping we’ve got discovered those containers insure a better first-rate storage or unique project unit.

Guaranteed Quality

We can guarantee you that our used containers are thoroughly inspected based on CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) guidelines and classified into each grade then, given the go-ahead by the Container Inspector Licensee, which we are part of.




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