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CH & S’s chemical storage containers are also manufactured to comply with several different Australian Standards. These standards include:

  • AS2187.1-1998, for the storage of explosives
  • AS1940-2017, for the storage of flammable liquids
  • AS4326-2008, for the storage of oxidising agents
  • AS2714-2008, for the storage of organic peroxides
  • AS/NZS-4452-1997, for the storage of toxic substances
  • AS3780-2008, for the storage of corrosive substances

Dangerous Goods Container For Sale

Available Now – 10′ Dangerous Goods Storage box is a brand new Container Hire and Sales company manufactured DG container perfect for the storing and managing of chemical substances or risky substances which includes flammable and combustible products. This risky items storage box has 3 bunded sections with butterfly faucet drain holes on outdoor under ground level, recessed to defend from damage. Bund Capacity of 630 litres. With a heavy obligation grid ground and huge vents to permit airflow, this 10’DG container may be well-ideal in your risky items garage. Complete with forklift pockets.

Dangerous Goods Containers

At Container Hire and Sales our Dangerous Goods Containers are built to store Class 3 hazardous materials. All of these containers are designed to meet Australian Standards.
Dangerous Goods Containers come in sizes starting at 3 metres and go 12 metres. Contact us now to organise a container to suit your needs.

Place your order now. Also available as a 8′ Dangerous Goods unit.



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