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40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container

Our 40 feet. refrigerated & freezer packing containers are a great preference for quick time period or long time bloodless storage space. Our packing containers provide on the spotaneous and steady storage. Our refrigerated packing containers feature:

  • Requires Three Phase Power
  • Requires Voltage of 440/460V
  • Ranges From -20 to 75 Degrees Farenheight

40ft refrigerated container for sale

CH & S has 40ft high cube(HC) used refrigerated packing containers to suit your needs. Ask your marketing department today regarding alternatives concerning units inside this class as there are many other forms of working refrigerated containers available. Our aim to supply the suitable box to your particular requirements. 40ft HC refrigerated packing containers are able to retaining a chosen temperature variety from seventy five levels to poor 20 levels Fahrenheit.

40ft High Cube Reefer Container For Sale

CH & S has refrigerated packing containers, insulated packing containers and non-running refrigerated packing containers for sale, from new to used, with numerous refrigerated equipment alternatives. Refrigerated packing containers are essential for infinite conditions related to retaining consistent bloodless temperatures, from meals garage to chemical deliver.

The 40ft refrigerated container are available to run on 50 or 60 Hz. The power supply ought to be grounded and feature circuit breakers with no less than 30 amps. For strength components the use of 208/230 volt, then the circuit breakers ought to have no less than 50 amps. The electric system helps a voltage variance of (+) or (-) 15%.

40ft Reefer Container For Sale

The unit is brought with a 460 volt cable and an ISO trendy CEE strength plug (fifty nine feet/18 meters). The 230 volt cable does now no longer have a strength plug. The refrigerated box ought to be covered from electric strength surges. The unit is geared up with inner circuit breakers in case of strength surges. The 460 volts circuit breaker (CB1) journeys at 29 amps and the 230 volts circuit breaker (CB2) journeys at 50 amps. The unit carries fuses that defend the fan cars and manage circuits.



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