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Buy 20ft IICL Container

Used 20ft IICL Container

  • Highest Grade Used Container
  • Various Colors
  • 5-10 Years Old
  • Suitable for International Shipping

20ft iicl container dimensions

Length: 20′
Width: 8′
Height: 8′ 6″
Length: 19′ 3″
Width: 7′ 8″
Height: 7′ 9 7/8″
Width: 7′ 6″
Height: 7′ 5″
Tare: 4,810lbs
Max Gross: 67,200 lbs
Cubic Cap:  1,158 cu. ft
Height: 0′ 4 1/2″
Width: 1′ 2 3 /16″
Centres: 6′ 9 7/8″

Buy 20ft IICL Shipping Container

IICL stands for the International Institute of Container Lessors and is a collection of containers proudly owning corporations that set the standards which is commonly customary through all individuals of the group. Containers in IICL standard are in strong value and appropriate for foreign places cargo shipments, provided they have got a modern survey for the shipping line. Containers in IICL situation will often probably have maintenance that couple consist of patches, minor ground delamination, and comparable minor dents and dings.

Second Hand 20ft IICL Container

These 20ft Economy Shipping packing containers are of IICL standard. Our Storage box grading standards meet global criteria. (Institute of Container Lessors – IICL Standard or IICL-5 packing containers meet IICL 5 qualities and are usually of a higher high-satisfactory than packing containers displaying as simply cargo worthy.

20ft IICL Shipping Container online

The packing containers are clean, dry and structurally sound and available nationwide. Suitable for workshop, stable storage, tool shed, sight shed or farm storage.

Delivery may be organized both thru swinglifter or Hi-Ab, that is an additional cost. Suitable get entry to could be required. Pick up available from our depots if required. Talk to our crew nowadays concerning your field sales or hireage requirements.



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