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Site Offices

At Container Hire and Sales we specialise in Site Offices in 10', 20' and 40' sizes. These units are purpose built and are most commonly used on large building and construction sites. Why not enquire or get an Instant Quote today. Specifications for our site offices can be found below:

DIMENSIONS 10' 20' 40'
Length (external) 3100mm 6058mm 12192mm
Width (external) 2435mm 2438mm 2438mm
Height (external) 2591mm 2591mm 2591mm
Length (internal) 2980mm 5867mm 11998mm
Width (internal) 2330mm 2330mm 2330mm
Height (internal) 2350mm 2350mm 2350mm
Door Opening Height 2275mm 2265mm 2225mm
CAPACITIES 10' 20' 40'
Tare (approx.) Non Payload 2300kg 3900kg
Max Gross Weight Static Storage Only 24000kg 30000kg
Payload Static Storage Only 21700kg 26100kg