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Open Tops

Open Top containers are able to be loaded from the top. This is ideal for any tall, awkward or heavy cargo that is not suited to a standard shipping container, although if you are transporting tall equipment you may want to consider a flat rack.

The walls of an Open Top container are made from solid corrigated steel with a wooden floor and usually come in 20 and 40 foot sizes.

The specifications for our Open Top containers can be found below:

Length (external) 6058mm 12192mm
Width (external) 2438mm 2438mm
Height (external) 2591mm 2591mm
Length (internal) 5880mm 12010mm
Width (internal) 2330mm 2330mm
Height (internal) 2310mm 2310mm
Tare (approx.) 2300kg 3950kg
Max Gross Weight 21700kg 26530kg
Cubic Capacity 32.6m³ 66.7m³